Hiring: Licensed Veterinary Technician 2016

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Under the direct guidance and supervision of the doctors, the Veterinary Technicians provide patient care maintaining the high standard of care that is expected by our clients, our patients and Cayuga Pet Hospital as a whole. The Technicians contribute to the quality and efficiency of patient care by fully utilizing their skills for patient treatment and client education which in turn provides the doctors more opportunity to diagnose and care for patients. 

Please read the following description of requirements and if you are interested email your resume and cover letter to us or drop it off in person at Cayuga Pet Hospital. Feel free to give us a call with any questions.


Knowledge and skills: 
Valid New York State Veterinary Technician license. 
Ability to follow directions with and without supervision. 
Ability to develop working relationships with all team members, clients, vendors and others
Familiarity with common medical terminology, instruments, laboratory methods and equipment. 
Ability to spell, alphabetize and perform mathematical calculations. 
Ability to adapt to differing needs and styles of doctors and other technicians. 
A desire to provide exceptional customer service.
Proficiency with basic computer programs (Word, Excel, etc) and ability to adapt to new programs easily. 
Proficiency in AVIMark (hospital management software) is a huge plus but not required.

Ability to walk or stand for extended periods of time, frequently in a bent position. 
Ability to kneel, crawl, twist and turn.
Ability to lift and carry patients weighing at least 50# (will be assisted by another team member for patients over 50#). 

Prepare medications (both injections and dispensed medications) 
Assist the doctor with patient treatment; medical or surgical procedures
Perform basic care for patients such as ear cleaning, anal sac expression, basic bandage application, pedicures and suture removal. 
Obtain appropriate and quality samples for diagnostic testing.
Perform in-house laboratory procedures 
Prepare and capture diagnostic radiographs.
Answer client questions on various aspects of animal care.
Pass on information/advice from Doctors; explain administration/dosage/purpose of medications.
Assist the Client Service Specialist when necessary and assume her duties during her absence.
Surgery: Prepare the operating room for surgery; Prepare patients for surgery; administer anesthetics as directed by doctors; intubate and extubate patients; monitor perform support therapy to patients during surgery and recovery; assist in surgery; administer fluids, IV and IM injections, oral medications, oxygen therapy; transfer patients to cages for recovery.
Clean, pack and autoclave all surgical materials after they are used. 
Perform dental cleanings, dental charting.

If you are interested please email your resume and cover letter to us or drop it off in person at Cayuga Pet Hospital. Feel free to give us a call with any questions.